Walk Alone

Do you come across people who are willing to sacrifice their time, happiness, money , resources , sentiments and views for you if they know in advance that returns are least expected or are neglegible ?

So, give the impression to people around you that you are smart , powerful and knowledgeable and can be of some help when needed. People bother for others when their expected returns are with added interest on their investment.

We basically are hugely selfish by birth and remain focussed on self through out our lives.

Nothing changes until you initiate the change. Let us be the change and pioneers of leading the change.


What  should  be done by a human being when all odds are against him or her ?

No person voluntarily offers any assistance or bothers to even hear what is in your mind. Circumstances can not be manipulated to cross all the hurdles. Losing hope is not the optimal course. Faith shakes and Relationships are on the testing board.

Listen to the feeble sounds of your soul ! You usually hear that some body is giving you solace and hope ! Divine advice and supernatural hyms ! 

You got to follow these divine moments. Actually listening with attention and imagining good with His blessings is called a prayer. When human beings say something  to Creator with absolute surrender , it is a prayer.

Prayer has all the force to change the attitude to the circumstances and showing a way out. Find a way when you find yourself lost !!

Pray frequently and regularly.

Conflict of Interest

I have been observing with great surprise and concern that one faces conflict of Interest at every stage in life.

Whether it is your studies or competition preparations, your friends and classmates  will not like it from within as it brings out a conflict of Interest.

One person,s gain is other person’s loss. Two trademen within same business will always have conflict of Interest. Two players in the same game will always try to supercede each other. Sharing of scarce resources always brings out a worst form of conflict of interests.

Then, how come two individuals having similar pursuits can come together at equal terms and show solidarity !!


People have achieved the unachievable ! They have done the impossible! Many dared and accomplished , the unattainable!

What are the pre- requisites to follow this path of struggle, perseverance and constant motivation.

All such people had some sort of divine Awakening ! 

They carry on regardless. Hard work and Achievement driven joy keeps them motivated.

Finally , a time comes in their lives when they find themselves at the top branch of the tree of success !

Time Clock

Can we go back in time ? Time which is gone by , invariably appears to be better!  If we could really be taken back  in the past, then it could be put to  test.

Mind always tries to remain in equilibrium and when mind is un – stirred, it gives a feeling of joy and peace. Perhaps when you are not in real time , mind does not get stirred and we feel good. Perhaps that is the reason we always  feel and realize that past was always better than the present!

The troubles and difficulties being faced today will also appear unimportant after another five years !

Future time which is yet to arrive will have the power to heal any hurts and slaps of circumstances. It applies equally to all human beings irrespective of the status !

So, the wisdom lies in remaining cool even in worst of circumstances since all bad experiences are going to be washed off in the coming times. Be happy and try to be contended as on today.

Ways to Amend

Whenever any wrong gets committed by us unintentionally and we come to realize later that I should not have done so, there is no honorable  exit !

Our Ancestors thought about this thousands of years ago and came out with an idea of having and celebrating this as some festive occasion. They mixed mythology to add to the importance and acceptability by all  having faith in Hindu philosophy.

Result is that a great festival named Holi came into existence many years ago and is is being celebrated with zest and vigour by citizens of this country every year. 

On this occasion, one can embrace his or her worst enemy without raising an eyebrow by the onlookers.

You can forgive each other in the background of colours. Your faces are painted with colors, hence emotive element is already obliterated.

Actually , it is the best and most acceptable exit mechanism ever devised to revisit your Friends  and Enemies with ease and honour !

So, celebrate Holi with joy and purity !!


God created this universe with great intelligence and care. He designed every thing in such a manner that it fits perfectly in the design. Any fiddling with the design leads to restlessness and non equilibrium.

All types of animals, small creatures and vegetation of every kind has a purpose to fulfill. We may not understand this with our limited wisdom but it has to be that way.

Sky, sun , moon and stars have a purpose ! Human beings are there to do their duty what ever ! Mountains, rivers, oceans and lakes have a message to share.

There is a divine music in the world panorama. Unfortunately,miniscule of people can listen or comprehend ! No one is allowed to disturb the notes of Almighty !

Why can,t we offer ourselves and succumb to  all powerful and perfect designer  and live in peace, happiness and tranquility ?

Pall bearer

It is almost sacred to be the Pall bearer of a person who is no more in this world. Does he or she see the noble person rendering a great service to fellow humans ?

Then why people try and jostle to  give their shoulder to a dead body ! It is presumed that soul of the departed person is still with us watching who is doing what !

Children, relatives or neighbors who never bother to offer even a glass of water when you are alive, try to get the marks from God for doing a great karma !

Is it a repentance ? Is it  a genuine display of sentiments ? Who knows !

By achieving one more discarded qualification is a waste in the interpretation of  service to others ! 

Be human and possibly be on the right side of humanity always, since God has created you only for that purpose.

Becoming a Pall bearer to a man or woman who is already gone away from all of us is a sheer revert to please your soul and live away from guilt .

Strange Way

It is a strange world having people of different body constitution and unique minds. Some are rich, few are intellectual and most of us are average.

Do we worry about the fact that most of the people on this Earth planet struggle for two meals a day. They have no physical or social security. Sick get no care or treatment. Old souls are neglected and abused. 

What type of model is this ? Why God made this difference intentionally !

Are we living in the mythical heaven and hell ? 

Can we do something to bring  those living in hell to the outskirts of heaven ? 

Let  us pray to Gods to take pity on all of us and make this world liveable for all without assigning any division !!


The best and easiest thing ,one could ever do is to live in simplicity.You do not have to take lessons to be simple . One does not need to fear of any failure ! It does not need any tact, cleverness or wisdom.

Do nothing ! Think nothing ! Be usual self. Behave as you would do when nobody is watching you.

It will cost nothing. What stops us from living and behaving in a simple manner! 

Simplicity will remove the burden from mind and you will be lighter. Try it out.

Gradually , it will become your habit. This one habit will take you to the top of the world . Simplicity is the biggest asset to any individual !!

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